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Amelia FLINT

1823 - 1859

Life History




Birth of daughter Amelia Alicia MCCARTHY


Birth of son Son MCCARTHY



Other facts



NAENA: Mary's older sister Amelia died of cancer leaving 2 children, Little Alicia and a baby boy who died soon after his mother. Little Alicia was taken into her Aunt Mary's home as her father had deserted them... [later]

Aunt Amelia married a Mr McCarthy who, I believe deserted her and left her with two children: Amelia Alicia (called Little Alicia by our Grandmother and Auntie “I” by me as a baby, and also a boy who probably died in infancy - at any rate we know nothing about him. We have a daguerrotype of her, looking desperately ill, with Alicia standing by her side, aged about 2 and a baby on her knee, about 9 months old. Alicia was about ten years older than our mother, so the date of this picture is probably very shortly before Amelia died in 1859.