The pages for most individuals include a small, navigable family tree diagram at the top of the page, which links to other individuals in the family. It shows three generations:

  1. The individual's parents (if known).
  2. The individual whom the page is about, their spouse(s) and/or partner(s) and their siblings.
  3. Any children of the individual.

The pages may be navigated in several different ways:

  1. Click the Surnames link at the top of the page to go to the Index of Surnames where you can search for an individual of interest. Clicking on any name on the Index of Surnames page takes you to that individual's page.
  2. On any individual's page, clicking the boxes in the tree diagram will take you to that individual's page. If no tree diagram is shown, click names in the list of family members at the top of the page.
  3. Click the Previous Child and Next Child links (if available) to see pages for the other siblings in the family.
  4. Click Linklater to return to the introductory page.
  5. Click Quivis to return to the main website index page.

Most images zoom when hovered with mouseover; some enlarge when clicked.

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